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by Zanshock, 683 days ago

About Us Updated 9/14/2016
Boneyards is mostly comprised of a close group of friends from a former semi-hardcore raiding group. Most of us play several classes and are versatile in order to fit any role necessary and are currently looking for like minded players. We are currently recruiting for the upcoming raids with hopes of starting Mythic content.

We are currently recruiting for all positions:

Raid Times: 

T/W/Thurs-optional 8PM-11PM EST

We will consider any exceptional players. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our officers below or apply.

Officers: (GM)Cerberús, Rhapsodus

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by Zanshock, 740 days ago

As you all know the new patch is out. Specs,Gear, Ability changes have annoyed,vexed or have been a sigh of relief for most. 
I'll be adding to our current content about some of the changes. Raids Times and what not for the coming expac.
Also bare in mind. We're currently rebuilding our raid team for the coming Expansion. Don't fret if we aren't pursuing current content. As for most of the core team was/is 14/14H experience.

Welcome to all the new members and hope to see you in game!!!!!

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The Logs

by Zanshock, 827 days ago

Here's the link to our guilds log page:

I shall know all the things! This will greatly aid some of the more experienced raiders here with lending insight and assistance to those who are trying to improve.

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